Sorry for the delay in posting updates… Nadeen and Shawn were off last weekend to the CPHA Top Dog Awards Dinner in Vancouver over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The crew is growing and personalities are really starting to come through. Here are a few words on each puppy:

Bane: he’s the king of the castle, always has something to say, and pushes his way through anything.

Bertha: food is the #1 priority in this girls life, and she is bang on with the potty training!

Oscar: the girls have wrecked this one LOL, we found out they had him sleeping in the bed with them while we were gone. Good luck to the lucky owners of this guy. Snuggle bug.

Ruby: SPITFIRE! She has one speed – FAST! Extremely agile.

Herman: calm, cool & collected – nothing phases this guy.

Adam: a little reserved at this point, but extremely attentive. He likes to see the world at about 4.5 feet high… hmmmmm, that’s about how high Chandler carries the puppies 😉

Sunny: doesn’t like to be left behind, he’s always got a wingman. We think that he figures since his name is Sunny, he should wake us all up when it’s “sunny”.

Snoopy: wow, does this guy like life. You cannot drop a pin without him waking up and running to the gate – he doesn’t want to miss anything, yet is extremely content by himself. Strong puppy.

Rebel: he’s the playful one, always tackling the other puppies and wrestling with the toys. He’s like his grampa Slide – you can usually find him sleeping on his back.

Here’s a quick movie we put together – ENJOY!