Two weeks old

The Malbec babies are two weeks old. The Spot Fairy has shown up big time this week, and we are starting to have some eye balls looking back at us. Everybody is very healthy and...

Malbec Puppies!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Malbec puppies, whelped November 4, 2022. Three girls and one boy, all very healthy. Malbec is an amazing mom and has recovered very well already. Here are some pictures from the first...

Bolt completes his Championship

Bolt started and finished his Canadian Championship in TWO DAYS at the tender age of 17 months. What a great weekend! Thank you to judges Richard Lopaschuk for the BOB/BOW/G2, Murray Eason for the BOB/BOW/G3, and Kim Hamel for the BOW.

Malbec goes BEST IN SHOW!

Malbec goes BEST IN SHOW! At just 26 months of age, Malbec was given Best in Show by judge Pat Taylor at the Portage Kennel Club. Thank you so much Mrs. Taylor for this amazing recognition.

Malbec finishes her Championship

Malbec was a little robbed on showing as a puppy, but she made up for it her first show out as a young adult! She finished her Canadian Championship in just TWO DAYS with all group placements!

Elektra finishes in style

Elektra finished her Canadian Championship the hard way, never having any class competition – which means she had to defeat all the “specials” or adult dogs that were already champions. Elektra finished at the MCA dog shows defeating multiple...