We had a big week of firsts with the herd… first trip outside on the yucky grass, first time on the big comfy dog bed, and best of all the first meal of “big puppy” food!

One of the things we feel is very important is to expose the puppies to as many surfaces as possible as early as possible –  some they like and some they are not to fond of – like grass! Well after a few minutes the crying stopped and the exploring started, and the puppies were off. With the amazing fall weather here over the last couple of days we were fortunate enough to have the herd outside several times, and they are really starting to get the hang of this grass thing.

As always at Sunsetter, the big comfy Costco dog beds were a huge hit. You can’t have enough of these beds around, at least two for each dog is about right LOL. The puppies borrowed one of their mom’s and had a nice long nap in comfort.

The best thing about turning three weeks old is you get big puppy food! These guys took to the puppy mousse like ducks to water, everybody loved it and before we knew it the pan was empty… then the licking started, and seemed to go on forever. It’s all fun and games until your paws get dirty ya know.

Enjoy the pics… next up, we setup the big pen and expand the puppies living quarters and introduce them to potty training. Yes, that’s right, potty training – we start that at 3 weeks old too.