English Setter Breeders – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Welcome to Sunsetter English Setters. Our family got our first English setters in 1980, and we have had the pleasure of sharing our lives with many wonderful dogs. We are members and contributors of The English Setter Club of Canada, The English Setter Association of America, The Canadian Kennel Club, as well as several regional clubs and associations. We believe that English setters are the best dogs on earth - and aside from our dogs successes in the conformation show ring, they are also integral members of our family. Once you live with an English setter, it is tough to think of living with any other dog."

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Jun 17, 2014

Site updates & Sunsetter dogs are in the ranks

We just updated many pictures and information on Nick’s, Sunny’s,...

Dec 3, 2013

Nick rises to the TOP!

Thanks to the expert presentation by Team Alexander, Nick has risen to the top and is now...

Oct 21, 2013

Nick & Will debut!

Nick and Will had a great debut together this past weekend winning back to back Group...